Artist's Statement


"I have loved monsters for as long as I can remember.  I was fortunate to have a mom who took my brother and me to see movies like GORGO, MOTHRA, and KONGA when we were toddlers.  Discovering Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine when I was ten further solidified that love.  

A more subtle influence growing up in Florida during the 60s was seeing remnants of the post-modern Tiki movement.  A major memory was my mom playing Martin Denny’s original “Exotica” album.

As a teenager, I used my artistic abilities to make puppets and monsters.  My first full creature suit was a replica of the Metaluna Mutant from THIS ISLAND EARTH, which was awarded first prize by Rick Baker at a Houston sci-fi convention in 1977.  This experience gave me the confidence to move to Hollywood and pursue a career in effects.

In 1995, I formed Total Fabrication, a specialty costume company that has been serving the industry for over 20 years.  In recent times, I have decided to do art for its own sake, starting with some digitally-manipulated prints on canvas.  Eric October’s Atomic Tiki Terrors show at Creature Features inspired me to produce my first dimensional piece, combining monsters and Tiki, two things that I discovered so many years ago."