Kenneth J. Hall

Executive Tiki-Monster


Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Kenneth J. Hall spent his early years watching movies and acting in school theater. Later, he wrote and produced live shows at the Alexander Brest Planetarium, designed animatronic characters for Sally Industries, and staged promotional events for Plitt Theaters.


Moving to Hollywood in 1982, he established himself as a respected effects artist, working on numerous features, including THE TERMINATOR, GREMLINS II, BATMAN RETURNS, ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES and CONEHEADS. He was shop supervisor at Mechanical & Makeup Imageries, overseeing several productions and crews of up to 45 people. He has been responsible for the creation of many large movie creatures, among them the 16-foot star of CARNOSAUR, a 20-foot sea beast for MAGIC IN THE WATER and the giant octopus prop in Tim Burton’s ED WOOD.


During this time, he continued writing, which led to his first screenplay assignment, THE TOMB. Other features followed, including creating the original PUPPET MASTER, the first of Paramount’s successful video series, and EVIL SPAWN, which he also directed. He developed GHOST WRITER, writing and directing the syndicated television feature. His orignal screenplay, THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT, starred Christopher Plummer and Margot Kidder.


He returned to acting in Rusty Cundieff’s comedy, FEAR OF A BLACK HAT. The same producer/director team gave him the chance to combine his special effects background with his directing as the Special Makeup and Visual Effects Supervisor/Effects Second Unit Director on TALES FROM THE HOOD, executive-produced by Spike Lee.


In 1995, he formed Total Fabrication, which has been producing outstanding work for a wide variety of clients ever since. In 2008, he was nominated for an Emmy for his costume design on the Nickelodeon kids show YO GABBA GABBA


Kenneth J. Hall continues to work in many areas of the industry, including writing and directing his own independent films - the feature THE HALFWAY HOUSE and the short NIGHT VISIT - both for his company The Fright Film Factory.  He also produces music videos for unsigned artists, and acts in features like GIMME SKELTER and GINGERDEAD MAN II: THE PASSION OF THE CRUST.


While wearing all these hats, he has finally found time to dabble is his own art, which has led to the creation of TIKI-MONSTER.

With the foam-fabricated T-Rex for Roger Corman's CARNOSAUR

With the Evil Alien Squid he designed and created for Jack Black's Tenacious D tour

Hamming it up as Lord Asteroth in FUll Moon's GINGERDEAD MAN II